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Rest'Office - Encaissement sans contact

a complete integrated
solution & functional.
100 % Interconnecting !

Norme Française AFNOR
En 2022 Rest'Office devient Full'Office.
Flexible and Modular

Covers all the functionalities of payment systems.
Gives a better readability of the results at both levels: single point of sale and global (several reports are available and customizable)

Genuine Management Tool

Sales management (eg. on site or take-away, remote orders)
Management of several methods of payments (cash, credit cards, ticket restaurant, private label credit cards, Cashless)
Management of articles, stock and purchase, inventory by PDA

Some attractive features

Covers all mode POS functionality Connected Full & Offline , a simple and effective tool ergonomics for flexible & secure for all management functions.
data exchanges with third-party solutions via web services

Beach Banquet

On Cashing Solution Multi POS


Module Encaissement

For keeping your business running smoothly and boosting your sales

Managing payment – Managing articles, menus and all-inclusive package – Management of the ranges and articles by method of sale (on site, take-away) – Data monitoring in real-time – Multiple methods of payment accepted – Multiple currencies

Extra modules


Customer’ accounts management

Promotional offers

Loyalty programs


  • Automatic barcode generator

  • Managing multiple-choice gift set

  • Bar code tag scanning

  • Managing registered clients’ accounts

  • Specific rates applied under conditions

  • Account balance follow-up on the till

  • Special events scheduled by hour/day (eg. happy hour)

  • Special offers customizable by product, purchase, amount

  • Promotional offer customizable by single point of sale

  • Voucher when a specific amount is reached

  • Free product when an amount of points is reached

  • % off on the total amount

  • Online order by smartphone / Collect at the point of sale

  • Order recognition by QR code

  • Secured payment

of the table

Daily stock



Web reports

  • Organization by selling areas with their tables

  • Status orders and working areas progressing by color

  • Bills sharing by value or products

  • Stock follow-up on the till

  • Alert under stock reached

  • Real-time daily stock follow-up

  • Projected budget daily or yearly

  • Budget review during the FY

  • Comparative reviews (YoY/Budget/Forecast)

  • Managing expenses and income

  • Managing bank payments

  • Vaults viewing and analysis of the drifts

  • Dashboards viewing through Internet browser

  • Real-time access to the data

  • Exportable formats with Excel, Word, Pdf

Beach Banquet

Solution Order Intake Digitale Mobile

Prise de commande

Module Digital

Multiply your sales channels and optimize new orders with efficient tools.

Applying a fully responsive , customizable & integrated within existing corporate
mobile An intelligent customer experience , from order until the withdrawal of point of sale.

Beach Banquet

From Management Solution Directory Stocks & Purchases

Stocks et Achats

Stock and Purchase Management

Optimize your purchase processes by having the relevant information thanks to a high-performance tool.

Managing orders, Receptions and Returns of the goods - Market price lists management – Inventories – Losses on sales and production – Quality follow-up – Regular orders

Extra modules

Recipe worksheets

Supplier invoicing

Daily stock

Orders suggestion

Web reports

  • Automatic sales deduction from the stock

  • Managing joined articles

  • Managing multiple versions of the recipe worksheets

  • Suppliers’ purchases reconciliation and invoicing

  • Discount vouchers merging by supplier

  • Integration of fees, taxes and discounts

  • Stock updates with the ready products

  • Transfer ready products to the stock

  • Daily stock real-time follow-up

  • By taking into account the forecasts

  • By modifying orders following the sales evolution

  • By taking into account specific periods of time

  • Dashboards viewing through Internet browser

  • Real-time access to the data

  • Exportable formats with Excel, Word, Pdf

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